About Me

About Me

My name is Hagar, and I’m turning 40 in six months. I’m a mother of two beautiful and charming daughters. I have practiced Naturopathy for more than 16 years in my clinic and have conducted nutrition and diet workshops and lectures for adults & children throughout the country. I have written four books about healthy eating, nutrition and more- and have had the privilege of accompanying thousands of patients through their life-changing journeys.

However, and with all this experience combined, my knowledge unfortunately did not provide me with any guarantees of a lean or trim body. I developed my passion for clean-eating and nutrition programs because of the difficulties I’ve encountered throughout my life when it comes to losing weight.

From the age of 12, I was diagnosed with a severe condition of the thyroid, which worsened significantly over the years and particularly following my two pregnancies. As a result, I became a victim of extreme and fad diets- doing anything and everything it took to shed the extra pounds.

In 2015, when I turned 38 and 1.5 years after I gave birth and finished breastfeeding, my thyroid gland went completely off the charts and out of balance and within a period of two months I gained 8 pounds. It had taken me four months to go back to my pre-pregnancy weight following the birth, and out of the blue I started gaining it all back. It was embarrassing and frustrating for someone who is considered a ‘weight loss’ expert to suddenly gain weight almost two years after pregnancy and I felt very uncomfortable having to buy and wear clothes two sizes bigger than what I was used to.

I realized that I needed to help myself, implement the knowledge I had obtained over time and use it to heal myself. With the years of naturopathy, nutrition, herbal medicine, Chinese medicine, knowledge and experience I decided to develop two new programs that I’m proud of: ‘DETOX’ & ‘CLEAN EATING’. These two programs cured me and were my salvation. They brought the joy back to my life and enabled me to take back control over my body.

People who have experienced pregnancy, breastfeeding, hormonal imbalances, fertility treatments, drug therapies, chronic illness, menopause and the many other factors that can negatively impact your life and body, know how hard it can be to lose control of your body. They understand how frustrating it is to gain weight and not succeed in losing it. How embarrassing it can be when people ask tactless questions such as:
“Congratulations? Are you pregnant?”
“You quit training, didn’t you?”
“If you’re on a diet, why are you not losing weight?”

After much thought and research, I thus developed my very own “DETOX PROGRAM”.
Of course, I started by trying it on myself. Then my family joined the program, and the word spread quickly to girlfriends and old clients who asked and were amazed to see how much weight I had lost. They too wanted to try my DETOX PROGRAM.
After three weeks of DETOX and another three months following my new program “CLEAN EATING”, I lost 8 Kilos (two dress sizes) and my thyroid gland went back to being more balanced than ever!

I realized that I had to create an easy-to-follow detox program with menus and recipes that would help more women embark on this journey and make the nutritional changes that could help bring their bodies back to normal. I needed to create something that could help reestablish hormonal balance, having gone through the detoxification process and steering clear of processed and unhealthy foods – a healthy and proper weight loss program without suffering and without frustration.

I started by doing DETOX WORKSHOPS in my clinic and giving my clients instructions, menus and recipes.After a year and the participation of more than 1000 women in the DETOX PROGRAM, I decided that I wanted to allow women from all over the world to experience the process at a very reasonable and accessible price (instead of hundreds of shekels).

I wanted my program to reach as many people as possible from all over the world and I decided that the best way to do this would be via the convenience of mobile applications, which are cheap, always within reach and can be updated and improved at all times.

Our new DETOX application includes 4 types of menus:


After more than a year and a half of working around the clock, long nights and lots of thought, I have uploaded and created more than 300 delicious recipes that are healthy and easy to prepare.I cooked, improved, photographed, wrote and translated it all into seven languages.
I checked what features were needed for the convenience of using the app and today the recipes and guides that I wrote are featured in our two applications:


Both of which cost a one-time fee of $10.00 USD.
For $20.00 USD, people from all over the world can enjoy a healthy, tasty and life-changing diet.
For me, it was a tremendous achievement to have turned my problem into a gift, especially one that hundreds of people could benefit from.

Over the past year I developed five new applications that are ready to be launched during the summer of 2017:


So, you can say that I have turned my health problem, the frustration of weight gain and the desire to return to a healthy and balanced body into something that has helped me and hundreds of women around the world.

You are invited to read more on this blog CLEAN EATINGBLOGEATING and see the apps in the link I’ve attached.

Thanks to those who have read up to here, hope you understand what motivates me and what makes me work and develop more and more programs around the clock.
I believe that sharing my knowledge, experience and understanding of nutrition is not only a personal mission but a commitment that I owe to the many people out there looking for solutions and ways to help themselves.

Please contact me for lectures, PR and articles and any collaboration you would love to do with me