Clean Eating


Clean Eating is a nutrition program based on the latest research and discoveries found in nutrition in the recent years, and the principles of natural nutrition combined with important principles and foods that help strengthen the body.

A natural and clean diet is not a temporary diet or a detoxification process, it is a way of life that is possible and worthwhile to maintain for a long period of time. In fact, it is worth making it a ‘lifestyle’.

The main idea of ​​a clean diet is to avoid processed foods, pre-cooked foods and packaged foods, which usually contain too much sodium, sugar, artificial sweeteners, preservatives and a large list of ingredients that are full of too many long names that are hard to pronounce. Fresh food, simple food, preferably seasonal food from local agriculture and local production is much healthier than processed food that has undergone a lot of industrial processes.

The goal in a clean diet is to eat a nutritious, tasty and balanced menu with lots of options and varieties. Our CLEAN EATING program will teach you to how make the right choices, prepare a great variety of simple and delicious recipes and adopt a real healthy lifestyle.

As a result of the clean diet, you will feel much better in every way: higher energy levels, concentration levels, improved health and a general feeling of amazing control of your life.


There are many reasons to adopt clean eating. I believe that after a while you will feel a great deal of these benefits, as the nutritional approach here is completely different from the diets you have been used to doing in the past. The goal here is to give the body what it needs, not to be hungry or engage in obsessive preoccupation with counts and calculations of calories. Clean eating is about looking at what we CAN eat rather than what we are NOT allowed to eat. It is about focusing on the nutritional richness that will be your menu from now on. Do not focus on foods that should be avoided or reduced significantly, stick to these principles in order to live a healthier life and certainly not as a fast and short-term diet.

If you stick to the principles, enjoy the recipes and use all the guides and tips in the program, it will be easier for you to stick to the program over the long term and enjoy the following benefits:


Most people feel a tremendous lack of energy and vitality. Therefore, quite a few people feel that they have no choice but to stimulate themselves with large quantities of coffee and sweet food to get through the day and function. This, however, is not effective.
A clean and healthy diet will help you feel energized, contribute to better concentration and even better mental balance. The combination of protein and carbohydrates in your diet will result in a successful balance of blood sugar levels without dramatic energy drops between meals.


Considering our preference for healthy and clean food choices and our avoidance of less healthy and processed foods, the body does not need to process preservatives, food additives and other harmful substances and chemicals found in processed products. The body functions better, digestion improves, and you see a decrease in the level of bloated stomach scenarios, especially because of the significant reduction in sodium intake.
You will have improved digestion, improved bowel movements, a healthy sense of satiety, better ability to lose weight and be able to maintain normal weight. All thanks to a high intake of dietary fiber.


Lack of vitamins and minerals can influence your mood and even lead to depression. When you follow our menus that contain also wholegrain and uncooked foods rich in important vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals and antioxidants, you will get an excellent amount of essential nutrients that will improve and help maintain an excellent mood. The improvement that you will see in your body appearance and overall feeling will add to your self-confidence, which will also help with your mood.


A clean diet reduces the risk of heart disease and diabetes due to the high concentration of foods that contribute to health and the avoidance of foods that are extremely harmful. The main causes of these diseases are: obesity, high sugar levels, high blood pressure and high levels of lipids. These problems are significantly reduced when a healthy diet is maintained.


Having seen and felt the changes in your appearance will help you look and feel better, and there will be many other things you will benefit from i.e. improvements in the health of your hair – it will look fuller and shinier; strengthening of the nails; appearance of the face and the rest of the body will improve significantly. The significant intake of more nutritious food, rich in essential vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals, and antioxidants, coupled with adequate drinking of water and reduced dehydration drinks will help you look better than ever before.


Many people start to eat healthier and stick to a clean and healthy diet for weight loss and to look better. Although it is not a classic diet -but rather a healthy lifestyle- the nutritional changes you will make such as avoiding empty and unnecessary calories and indigestible food will help you lose weight, fat and volume. The decrease in volume will be even more apparent than the weight loss because the amounts of healthy protein on the menu will help you increase muscle mass, especially at the beginning of the process. The CLEAN EATING diet will improve your metabolic rate and you will have a fit, trim, healthy and younger look.


The increase in energy and vitality levels, the improvement in mood, the positive changes in body appearance, and the realization that you are doing something good for yourself, will give you an overall general and wonderful feeling. Eating a varied and rich menu, not being hungry and not counting calories will make you feel that you have control over your life and you can take full responsibility over your health.

This will encourage you to stick to the program for years and understand that this is the way you want to continue eating for good.

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