Detox Benefits

What are the benefits of a detox?

As our detox program is professional and precise, the results can be excellent and influence many aspects of your life:
Higher energy levels
Improved metabolic rate
More rapid weight loss
Regular bowel movements once or even twice a day
Radiant, vibrant skin
Relief from headaches and migraines
Balanced glucose levels

Our detox program is effective in several ways
The first thing the detox program does is reduce the level of hidden inflammation in your body by eliminating acidic foods.
The second thing our detox program does is cleanse your digestive track of accumulated waste. For this purpose, we give up all foods that are considered more allergenic, such as dairy products, gluten, walnuts and almonds, and we consume a great deal of greens.
Our third objective is to speed up the breakdown of fats by combining foods that activate sirtuin, called sirtfoods, which enable the body to feel safe enough to break down fat tissue.
This combination of foods high in sirtuin activators leads to accelerated weight loss of one to two kilograms per week, a significant decrease in fatty tissue and body measurements. Of course, it all depends on your starting weight and how closely you stick to the program.
When you complete your detox program and realize how great you feel and look, it will make perfect sense to continue to our Clean Eating program, which helps you maintain your great results and the healthy lifestyle that you’ve achieved, or lose even more weight.
The process will be easier and more pleasant if you approach it with lots of good energy, optimism and joy. Accept yourself with love and all -will go well.

I want to lose weight. How much weight can I lose by the end of the process?
The 21-day plan will help you lose 3-5 kilograms – depending, of course, on your starting weight and previous diet. The best way to see the change in your body’s appearance is to weigh yourself at the beginning and end of the process, if possible, using a scale that calculates body fat percentages) and to measure yourself at your waist, abdomen, hips and thighs, before and after the detox program.
The decrease in your body fat percentages and circumferences will be more dramatic than your weight loss, mainly because the high-protein foods in the detox diet cause an increase in muscle mass. Since muscle weighs more than fat, an increase in muscle mass and a decrease in fat percentages will affect your weight. So even though it may seem that you didn’t lose a lot of weight, you will see an amazing difference in the way your clothes fit and how you look.

We recommend photographing yourself at the beginning and end of the process; we believe that you will see a real change.

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