Detox Diet

21 Days to a True and Thorough Detox
In 21 days, we can give our body a gift that will help us feel the best ever and look as great as we feel.

What is a detox?
Our daily lives in the Western world are filled with processed foods, medicines, and exposure to pollution. So the best thing we can do is cleanse our bodies of waste every few months.
The detox cleanse that we offer is gentle, deep and effective. It requires no fasting or suffering, but rather, offers a rich and varied menu that includes shakes, full rich meals, and instructions for physical exercise that integrates perfectly with your normal routine.
Our detox program is suitable for anyone who wants to improve his or her nutritional habits and do a healthy restart. Our detox program gives your body a good push toward losing weight and, of course, an opportunity to function efficiently and in a healthy manner. This process is recommended for anyone who considers health important and who wants to give his or her body an amazing gift

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